Tuesday, April 1, 2008

How it all started or Why in the world would anyone use such an awkward word as Confabulator?

I love words!!
This is a good thing since I love to talk and I tell stories...
(nooooo, not lies**much**storytelling stories).

Anyway, I love them so much that I enjoy reading dictionaries (can we say Geek) and my friends tell me about interesting words they find, hear, see.
A friend of mine sent me a word one day and I immediately fell in LOVE with it.

Don't you love it!!! It just rolls off the tongue.
How could I have lived all of these years without this word???

confabulate \kun-FAB-yuh-layt\ verb

1 : to talk informally : chat
2 : to hold a discussion : confer
3 : to fill in gaps in memory by fabrication

Did you know?
"Confabulate" is a fabulous word for making fantastic fabrications. Given the similarities in spelling and sound, you might guess that "confabulate" and "fabulous" come from the same root, and they do — the Latin “fabula,” which means "conversation, story." Another “fabula” descendant that continues to tell tales in English is "fable." All three words have long histories in English: “fable” first appeared in writing in the 14th century, and “fabulous” followed in the 15th. “Confabulate” is a relative newcomer, appearing at the beginning of the 1600s.

So, my favorite meaning is #3: to fill in gaps in memory by fabrication.
WOW!! I think that means we are all confabulators(?)

So, there you are.....this is how I ended up using the word CONFABULATE for my blog title and for a new business card.
Yep...I am officially the Confabulator of Fabulous Fables!!

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